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Cheap Chinese Cigarettes -- Taishan

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Under US$1 and a hard pack ... Taishan ("Mount Tai") is one of the famous mountains in China, can't remember how many there are in total, oh right, five, five sacred mountains 五嶽 ... it's in Shandong province, so these cigs are manufactured in Shandong. Predictably the website listed on the package doesn't work: taiclub dot com dot cn ... probably because I have a US IP address?

UPDATE -- Taishan has a number of brands under their label, this is the "General" brand.

The characters in the center of the package say 將軍 or "General" It also says "General" in English script on the bottom of the box.

Taishan written in pinyin on back of box.

Plain pull foil, though gold

Butt design ... "General" in fancy English script

Cheap Chinese Cigarettes -- Baisha

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Remember the rules, under US$1 and must be a hard pack. Baisha is a "common place name" according to the dictionary. Literally it means white sand. These are manufactured in Hunan province, apparently.  Just like Hongmei, the website listed on the pack doesn't work for me ... hngytobacco dot com.

Front of box, a pair of cranes which symbolize something, would have to google it. OK, "ultimate depiction of longevity." The text on the gate says 白沙古井, "white sand ancient well"

Name in pinyin on back.

Plain foil pull.

Butt design

Cheap Chinese Cigarettes -- Hongmei

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I'm going to feature the boxes of all the cheap Chinese cigarettes I come across.  The rules are a pack can't cost more than one US dollar (6.20 RMB currently) and must be a hard box.

These are Hongmei ("Red Plum") from the Hongta Tobacco Group.  Might be some kind of subliminal sexy woman in the potted plant picture? Bonsai red plum tree, I mean. Not sure where they're from, Yunnan maybe? Package doesn't say. Website listed on pack, hongta dot com, doesn't work for me.

Front of box.

Back of box. Name in pinyin. Different bonsai tree.

Fancy pull foil

Butt design