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My LiveCharts View

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The eSignal guys told me that they've discontinued selling LiveCharts, which is too bad. Old users like me are safe, they still maintain the site for us. I like having a web-based interface in case I'm using some other computer somewhere else, and I've always loved how clean these charts look.

It costs $45 a month plus another $30 in exchange fees (if you just trade stocks), so that's about as cheap as you could ever find anywhere, and means I'll probably never drop it. You're limited to five watchlists and five hotlists and ten charts (drag another half dozen charts onto another monitor if you wish), so it's not a "power user" kind of thing. But if you're a dentist who daytrades in between appointments, it suffices.

I always like seeing how people set up their screens. Bloomberg had a nice feature when I was an $1800 a month user where you could share your LaunchPad setup with other $1800 a month users. I was reminded of that while doing the Money dot net trial, since they also allow you to share your Money dot net view with other Money dot net buddies. 

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Etsy IPO

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Status Filed (3/4/2015), Proposed Symbol ETSY, Exchange NASDAQ

Share Price 14.00-16.00

Shares Offered 16,666,666

Offer Amount $306,666,640.00

Total Expenses $5,158,037.00

Shares Over Alloted 2,499,999, Shareholder Shares Offered 3,333,333, Shares Outstanding 110,962,515

Lockup Period (days) 180

After-hours Blues

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BLUE is a biotech stock ... not sure what the news was but it must have been good. :-) If there were an "axe" on Twitter I could ask in real-time after-hours about these things, it would be nice. 

Apple versus Samsung

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Samsung getting destroyed on low end by Chinese manufacturers (Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, etc.) ... on the high end by Apple ... market appears to have done a good job discounting the 6+ model ... not unreasonable to think Samsung will return to 660,000 or so, a level it saw back in August 2011.

Gold (GLD) Looking Rusty

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Candlevolume chart of the GLD (Inception date: 11/18/2004) ... the width of the year shows you how active trading was ... 2014 shaping up to be a "thin" year as price falls and activity drops. 2012 thin, 2013 thinner, 2014 thinnest.  You can see that in the early years of the boom, 2004 05 06 07, there was very little trading in the GLD.  Everyone who purchased after May 2010 and held is underwater.  A lot of latecomers are bagholders now, that's for sure.

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Malaysian Airlines Stock Price Chart

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Peaked in 2007, all downhill from there. Currently around six US cents a share.  Disappearance of MH370 and shooting down of MH17 aren't especially obvious on this monthly chart.  AirAsia's chart looks a little better.

UPDATE Aug 8, 2014 5:40 AM GMT-0400 

Malaysia Airlines to Be Delisted in $429 Million Buyout

Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) will be delisted after sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd. offered to buy out minority shareholders in a restructuring plan for the national carrier that suffered two disasters this year.

International Comparison of Living Space Per Capita

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Nice chart from Nomura ... hard to be bearish on property in China looking at the big picture.

What's the deal with Russia? No one has upgraded from those squalid Soviet-era apartments, or what? My favorite movie of 2012 was 'Elena,' which features a suburban Moscow apartment block, beautifully placed next to a giant cooling tower. Those subtle Russian movies fill me with a dark joy.

Money Market Fund Growth in China

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A chart from HSBC, but I don't know how accurate it is ... Yu'e Bao has over 500 billion in assets now from zero last June ... that would take the chart from 400 to 900 ... I'm not sure where the other 500-600 billion is coming from since Yu'e Bao's competitors are relatively small.

Golden Eagle Crash Landing

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When I read about the booming online shopping market in China, it makes me wonder about how many department stores are going to go bankrupt here in coming years. Chinese department stores tend to have tenants with no-name brands that try to charge crazy prices for their goods. There's a reason Golden Eagle's stock price chart looks like this:

NQ Mobile New Low Close

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Are you listening to what the market is saying about NQ?  Yes, Muddy Waters'  many reports are badly organized and poorly written, but that doesn't mean they aren't onto something.

Weekly Average Sales Price in Beijing

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A chart from Deutsche Bank:

Starting on February 16, 2011 anyone wanting to purchase a first home in Beijing had to produce proof of five consecutive years of local tax/social security payments. That explains the big spike down on the chart.  There were also bans imposed on Beijingers for purchases of third or more homes, and on outsiders for purchases of a second home.

Messaging App Usage in East Asia

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I don't have a smartphone and still send text messages, which the youngsters think is quaint.  Would be nice to do an end-run on my telco and use an app to text people "for free."  You can see each market has one dominant player.  Not sure why WeChat's numbers are so low for Hong Kong?