Movies Watched -- The Salesman (2017)

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In Persian. 125 minute running time so at least 25 minutes too long. This was depressing. It was made by the same guy who did About Elly, which was also depressing, and A Separation (which I really liked). Iranian society appears to be screwed up ... I guess it's mainly an Islamic Republic thing (the "clerics' clamp," as Tony Lane put it) ... sacred versus secular / traditional versus modern, etc. All the same themes the guy explores in all his movies (marriage, money, the State), but he's also interested in examining humiliation and revenge here.

What interested me was how poor Iran looked, it reminded me of 1990s China ... terrible construction quality, ugly fixtures, cheap everything -- just depressing. I'm not going to talk about the story at all, since it's a little complicated -- it's a sort-of thriller. The movie starred some stunning Iranian women of Instagram, same as About Elly (same lead actress). Beautiful women. Can't recommend it for a general audience, but my capital A.R.T. art readers will like it ... gets a yellow rating.

SPOILERS: (I don't think any kind of sexual assault happened ... he stroked her hair, thinking she was Ahoo, and when she turned, they both freaked out and she fell and cracked her head open. He panicked and left. There was no rape. Any real "violation" never occurred ... it's just in her husband's mind.)

You lookin' at me?

You lookin' at me?