Movies Watched -- The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

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112 minutes so at least 12 to 22 minutes too long. I hated this. Watched it on Netflix so I couldn't fast forward. Talk talk talk. Screwed-up family. Whining adult children ... Adam Sandler playing a "serious" role -- always a bad sign ... Ben Stiller, ditto ... and there's Adam Driver from Girls again, that guy gets roles non-stop even though he can't act.

What could have interested me here was an exploration of religion... were all of Dustin Hoffman's wives (incl. Emma Thompson, Candice Bergen) gentiles? Were all his kids half-Jewish? Did Judaism play any role in their upbringing? Sandler's beautiful daughter is obviously a WASP, did Sandler marry outside the faith? There was not a word about any of this. His daughter makes shocking artsy porn as a freshman at Bard -- isn't that cute?

Selfish Baby Boomer dad, now a doddering old guy, screwed-up kids, who cares? If Dustin were in the hospital for two months, who paid for it? Would his healthcare plan from Bard pay for all that? Some of it was sort of funny, but not really. I suspect I'd hate every movie that Noah Baumbach makes.

Full red, avoid this movie. 

Update: Meyerowitz lawyers contacted me to take down the screencap. This makes me hate Baumbach even more.

Token black boyfriend to boot!

Token black boyfriend to boot!