Movies Watched -- Silence (2017)

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160 minute running time, insane. Adam Sackler (why does this guy get so much work?) and some other kid I've never seen before as Jesuit priests on a mission to Japan (1640s) to find lost priest Liam Neeson and convert the locals or minister to the already converted, who are being mercilessly persecuted ... Scorsese is interested in religious persecution and martydom, but it doesn’t make for a good movie. 160 minutes of torturing the audience. Who funded this?!? Red rating, avoid.

Kyle Smith correctly writes: "30 years in the making ... it plays like 30 years in the watching."

Manohla Dargis writes: "There’s a crushing lack of urgency to this story and its telling...."

Mick LaSalle writes: ”‘Silence’ is Scorsese at his worst.”

Michael Phillips writes: “…methodical and stately to a fault.“

Kate Taylor called it a “failed passion project”

Tortured members of the viewing audience

Tortured members of the viewing audience