Movies Watched -- Marjorie Prime (2017)

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97 minute running time but it felt much longer because it's a talk talk talk movie. Rich people in the future have holograms of their dead spouses, which somehow helps them cope with Alzheimer's. Starred Tim Robbins, who looks old and fat, Geena Davis, who looks old but still has wonderful curves, and Don Draper, who will never be seen as anyone other than Don Draper.

Baby Boomer sci-fi ... talk talk talk, whiney rich white people problems accompanied by an awful score (same guy who did "Under the Skin," where the music worked) ... featured a nice house down in Amagansett ... only highlight was seeing Hannah Gross (screencap below); she's beautiful and is getting a lot of movie work for that reason (and because she's a member of the Tribe).

This will appeal to a certain type of Boomer and *nobody* else. It wasn't terrible ... issues of memory and family problems are interesting, but this gets a red rating, avoid.

Kate Urbland writes "the film’s ripped-from-the-theater feel never abates."

Post-coital proposal

Post-coital proposal