Movies Watched -- It Comes At Night (2017)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

91 minutes so the perfect length, but this movie was so bad that I regretted not watching it at 1.5x ffwd. Probably made by some Millennial trust fund kid (“writer-director”), it’s yet another dumb post-apocalypse movie. Pretty boy Charlie from Girls, now bearded, was in it … some other guy with a beard and a half-black wife and his all-black son, what was up with that? Did that make a bit of sense? Was the kid adopted?

Is there some kind of pathogen in the air that’s killing people, but they’re safe in the house? No news, no idea what happened to cause the chaos? Popping on and off their amazing protective masks (acquired where?) at random? I don’t even want to write about this mess any more, it was just terrible. Red rating, avoid.

Mick LaSalle correctly writes that it’s almost as bad as being there.

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