Movies Watched -- Gook (2017)

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94 minute running time so well within the sacred 100 minute mark. This one will put you through an emotional ringer, lots of tears at the end. Filmed in black and white (Spike Lee influence is strong), grainy at times. Set on the day of the Rodney King verdict back in 1992.

A pair of young Korean-American (2nd gen.) brothers running a sad shoe store in the Paramount section of LA ... they have a young black girl helper (whose relationship to them I don't want to spoil), who is delightful (probably won an award for this?).

Comedy and tragedy, especially tragedy.  It's well made, but not fun. Tough one to sit through. The poverty, the racism, the violence, the desperation ... depressing stuff. Yellow rating.  (Green rating if you're in the mood for it.) 

Kamilla lending a hand

Kamilla lending a hand