Movies Watched -- Good Time (2017)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

100 minute running time so the perfect length, but it was so grim and sleazy (Guy Lodge calls it “gutter realism”) that I had to watch at 1.5x fast forward in order to bear it. It’s about a deaf, semi-retarded guy and his criminal brother … they rob a bank and everything goes wrong … the deaf brother is captured but the the criminal one is still on the run and it’s all about the chaotic hours of his life that follow. Super depressing. Jennifer Jason Leigh (who is getting old, unlike me) briefly plays a girlfriend character.

I don’t know how to rate this … it’s super low budget, best represented by the cheapie techno soundtrack, but it isn’t badly made … it’s just awful to watch these lowlifes doing awful, violent things in ugly places (like Queens). Yellow rating, I guess.

Ann Hornaday writes: “… a pulp thrill ride that turns out to be as petty as Connie’s crimes.“

Ben Sachs writes: “… the film encourages delight at the adventures of an amoral dirtbag content to exploit people who are poor, black, or disabled. Not since Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void (2009) have I been so mesmerized by a film I found morally repugnant.“

Rex hated it: “Vile and repulsive, Good Time is just under two hours of pointless toxicity.“

A.O. Scott hated it: “… a rickety genre thrill ride [that tries to] feel like something daring and new. It isn’t. It’s stale, empty and cold.“

Alison Willmore calls it a “masterfully scuzzy feel-bad.“

You ever do time before?

You ever do time before?