Movies Watched -- Eye in the Sky

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Under the sacred 100 minute mark, so it had that going for it ... the end credits were like 10 minutes long. Sort of reverse War Porn but I wasn't buying any of it. Somali Al-Shabaab Islamic crazies in Kenya ... Colonel "Big Balls" Mirren has finally tracked down several people on the "kill list" and it's time to take 'em out with a drone strike. Trouble is a bunch of Guardian-reading British politicians throw a spanner in the works when the collateral damage estimate comes in a tad high. They have to keep "referring up" to a higher level of Guardian reader to know "where we stand legally."

Jesse Pinkman is the weepy American drone operator accompanied by some big-eyed girl also given to tears. Look, the real drone guys would be high fiving each other given this opportunity... they would be chomping at the bit to blow away some bad guys after doing *years* of boring surveillance runs. Finally, finally we get to kill some people! Oh, there are some kids playing in the street nearby? Tough shit, this is war. The pan flute and violin score ain't going to tug on these heartstrings.

Do we have the authority to prosecute the target? Hell yes! And why are you talking like a lawyer, asshole? 

You remember we dropped two *atomic* bombs on cities *full* of civilians, yes? And you remember we fire-bombed every major Japanese city for THIRTY days straight (and the rotten bastards still wouldn't surrender?). Remember when we dropped hundreds of thousands of gallons of *napalm* (thanks, Dow Chemical) across the Vietnamese jungle? We're not going to go all weak in the knees because there's one kid selling a loaf of bread nearby. Got-damn weak Baby Boomers have ruined everything!

There are no beetle- or bird-sized drones. We don't have that technology yet. Shameless pandering to China scene where the US Secretary of State is playing ping pong there ... thankfully brief. Can't recommend this one ... it's unrealistic, the premise is bullshit ... and though it was not overly long, it could have been even shorter. 

Jesse Pinkman, teary-eyed drone operator

Jesse Pinkman, teary-eyed drone operator