Movies Watched -- Crossfire

Added on by C. Maoxian.

This one wasn't so great, preachy ... heavy-handed moralizing ... how big a problem was anti-Semitism in 1947? Jews being beaten to death in America by strangers for being Jews? Did this ever happen?... Mitchum is in it but he's kind of sleepwalking through it. Not recommended.

UPDATE: I watched the "featurette" that accompanied the movie and they explained the story was originally about a homosexual marine who was beaten to death by three of his fellow marines, which is believable ... probably happened hundreds of times? but the censors in 1955 wouldn't allow it, so they changed it to the improbable beating death of a Jew. As an aside, the many stories of soldiers killing their commanding officers or fellow soldiers is interesting, and I thought this was going to be Don Draper's story in Mad Men, but they pussyfooted around and made it an "accident" in his case.