More Impressions After Sending My Son To Nerd Camp

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I wrote about this last year, but it bears repeating ... my son's fourteen classmates at nerd camp (electrical engineering this year) are all boys and here are their last names: 

  1. Chan
  2. Duan
  3. Huang
  4. Liang
  5. Liang
  6. Wang
  7. Xu
  8. Yang
  9. Zhao;
  10. Baskowsky
  11. Decker
  12. Kovacs
  13. "Wilson" (first name Ze'ev);
  14. Gupta

So 60% of the class is Chinese, 27% Jewish, 7% Indian, 7% WASP/Chinese mix. This doesn't mirror American society as a whole very well. It's clear to me that the Chinese will become an even more market-dominant minority, and the Jews will begin to get crowded out, though they're obviously doing their best to stay competitive. 

I expect there will be a backlash at some point ... I suppose it's already occurring given T___p's election win, though how public policy might change is a good question. Will there be quotas put in place, a sort of reverse Affirmative Action campaign, to keep certain ethnic/religious groups out of the top schools? It's something to keep an eye out for....