Market Value of Publicly Held Shares

Added on by C. Maoxian.

If you’re a small cap short seller, this is one of the key things you have to understand:

(D) Market Value of Publicly Held Shares

A failure to meet the continued listing requirement for Market Value of Publicly Held Shares shall be determined to exist only if the deficiency continues for a period of 30 consecutive business days. Upon such failure, the Company shall be notified promptly and shall have a period of 180 calendar days from such notification to achieve compliance. Compliance can be achieved by meeting the applicable standard for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days during the 180 day compliance period , unless Staff exercises its discretion to extend this 10 day period as discussed in Rule 5810(c)(3)(F).

Here’s Nasdaq’s Continued Listing Guide (pdf) from January 2019. The market value standard is currently $15 million. Once you know the size of the company’s common share float, you can quickly figure out what price “they” are trying to maintain for 10 consecutive days. Then you act accordingly.