Discontinued Legos Premium

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This past Xmas I got my daughter Lego set 21110, “Research Institute.” She was still playing with Duplos when this set came out in 2014, so I didn’t buy it then, and it got retired somewhere between then and now. I ended up paying $46 for it (new) on eBay — it originally retailed for $20 in 2014. So this article on Bloomberg, The Hot New Asset Class Is Lego Sets, caught my eye.

In the past I’ve joked with the kids that we should stockpile sets that we think are going to appreciate, but who has time for that? Kids do! It could be a good experiment for them — a lesson in market values and scarcity premium and asset appreciation (or obsolescence) and storage costs and time value of money. I’ll let you know if we do it.


Trading Notes -- 20190117 Thursday

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Positive broad tone … LMFA the stock du jour, no borrow, though god knows I tried. LPCN a possibility since I had borrow but it broke pre-open and I wasn’t at desk… BIOC came back alive but no borrow … PCG up big pre-open but I was worried about “news” and didn’t want to gamble on it … SIG miss meant I could exit BBBY short in part at zero line, still waiting with rest at Typ3 below… I should have been watching UNFI but wasn’t, not on the ball for some reason, no pre-game plan for UNFI like I had for VHC … former SDJ KTOV goes dead (see below) … even MBOT did under 9K trades EOD, still restricted … covered some FTK at zero line, should have done that before, just waiting at Typ3 with rest … no new trades, no borrows means total discipline.

First day monkeying with ThinkOrSwim order entry … seems I didn’t have “Advanced Features” enabled so I couldn’t see what was “Hard To Borrow” and my orders kept getting rejected. Online rep “Warren_G” (Regulate!) told me I could get in their HTB program with a 100K deposit (portfolio margin), slightly more than the $4,100.45 I currently have with them.

LMFA: No borrow, FIDO #15

4.94K, 40.3K, 79.3K

LPCN: Yes borrow, FIDO #17

6.92K, 17.9K, 56.4K

PCG: Yes borrow, FIDO #9

4.94K, 50.3K, 352K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #25, note 10/16 TC change

128, 1.51K, 37.3K

UNFI: Yes borrow

37, 4.57K, 27.2K

CRMD: No borrow

975, 6.06K, 15.2K

MBOT: No borrow, restricted

1.09K, 4.14K, 8.91K

AMTX: No borrow

385, 983, 1.4K

Movies Watched -- John Wick Chapter 2 (2017)

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122 minutes so at least 20 to 30 minutes too long. I didn’t see Chapter 1 and I’m glad I didn’t. This is one of those choreographed ultra-violence movies in the style of John Woo. I tried to keep track of how many people were shot in the head at close range, but lost count. The violence is so ridiculous, so video-game-like, so over-the-top, that it plays like a comedy. Technically brilliant but morally repugnant. If they cut 30 minutes out, and all of the swearing, it wouldn’t be a terrible comedy/thriller. NYC plays a starring role and I dread to think how many tax credits were given out to the filmmakers.

Keanu Reeves is an interesting guy… I think he does a lot of his own stunts and he looks good for an old guy (he’s six years older than me). I read that he gives a cut of his mega-salary to all film crew members, which I thought was pretty wonderful. And he’s a mix, half-Chinese or something, so he’s a looker.

There was too much swearing in the beginning, and a sort of Fast and Furious vibe, but then it switched into James Bond territory (the tailored suits, the weapons porn) … it would appeal to a certain sort of teenage boy and to man-children in general, but no one else.

Not Tom Cruise and his bloody pencil

Not Tom Cruise and his bloody pencil

Trading Notes -- 20190116 Wednesday

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Lackluster broad tone…. lots of action PO in small cap land, but almost universally had no borrow… OESX active PO, I had a borrow so I traded it, in B & C, thought about minc but took off at zero line because it was scarily illiquid and I had missized it slightly, got lucky, could have been murdered if they chose to … VHC was the one I came into the day with a plan, but they opened it so weak all my best laid plans were kiboshed, however it bounced and I was able to use OR difangs to get C B A entries and they even touched 100x the clever devils … exited at zero line and minc 50:50 which was sort of a mistake but I’m new to non-greedy exits … I think I have wiped out all GME/IQ catastrophic losses now (that didn’t take long), still super painful to break rules and get ass handed to self … BIOC came alive late, no borrow … KTOV was beautiful but no borrow then they midday offering’d it, the rotten bastards … still being patient with FTK and BBBY, shoulda non-greedied some FTK yday but oh well, will know better next time.

TBLT: No borrow, FIDO #8

09:25 4.45K, 10:00 31.6K, 16:00 80.4K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #19, latecomer 10 N/A

09:25 27, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 45.4K

NBEV: Yes borrow, FIDO #17, something of a Usual Suspect these days

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 13.2K, 16:00 43.4K

MBOT: No borrow — full red RESTRICTED, FIDO #18

09:25 3.00K, 10:00 18.5K, 16:00 32.3K

KTOV: No borrow, intraday offering

09:25 1.20K, 10:00 7.26K, 16:00 29.5K

INPX: No borrow, went illiquid note 10TC

09:25 1.30K, 10:00 4.62K, 16:00 8.18K

ABIL: Yes borrow, way too thin at OR note 10TC

09:25 902, 10:00 1.84K, 16:00 5.84K

CCCL: No borrow

09:25 585, 10:00 2.30K, 16:00 4.21K

OESX: Yes borrow, got lucky trading this ultra thin puppy

09:25 568, 10:00 1.59K, 16:00 2.69K

Movies Watched -- The Breadwinner (2017)

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93 minutes so a good length, animated, still watched it at 1.5x ffwd. Anti-Taliban propaganda. I’m not fan of the Taliban (a rhyme!), but do we really need to get hit over the head with this? How many years has the US thrown away blood and treasure on this mess? Anyway, it’s not badly made, I just wasn’t thrilled with it. Yellow rating for Guardian readers, red for everyone else.

Life’s a beach and then….

Life’s a beach and then….

Trading Notes -- 20190115 Tuesday

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Broad tape strong … lots of action in small cap land … they took MBOT to new highs after the offering news (hit 7.50 PO), nearly hit $20 during RH then closed it below $10 :-), some beautiful spots for the Chairman but no borrow means no joy … KTOV I did have pre-open borrow but didn’t take them since I thought they’d be around when I needed ‘em, wrong! … flip side of that was looking for ABIL borrow pre-open, nothing, then after it tanks, they have 250K avail. SMH. NEO, those phuckers, filled me tiny pre-open, again sniffing out, filled quite a bit more 2 cents above me during OR but then took it up, I lowered stop, they felt me out and filled me .999 (no joke) then took it down (well played) … FTK being patient but it may come back on me. Did short NBEV pre-open which was ok, but then LLP had dentist, had to run, no way to manage re-entries, etc., but it was a good, disciplined trade, nice gain. Shorted some BBBY, didn’t get best fill at open which woulda been sweet, nice cuz unlimited borrow, didn’t get target, may fail, I’ll be patient .. stalking VHC tomorrow since I have lots of borrow (for now!)

KTOV: Some borrow pre-open, none when I needed them, FIDO #9

09:25 3.27K, 10:00 22.8K, 16:00 118K

MBOT: No borrow, FIDO #2

09:25 2.23K, 10:00 33.0K, 16:00 107K

NBEV: Yes borrow, FIDO #11

09:25 2.78K, 10:00 17.9K, 16:00 67.5K

VHC: Yes borrow, relentless trend up, note 10/16 dichotomy in TC

09:25 360, 10:00 3.24K, 16:00 62.8K

BBBY: Yes borrow, shorted B and C, coulda shorted A but missed, note 16 TC

09:25 37, 10:00 4.52K, 16:00 47.5K

ABIL: No borrow pre-open, after it collapsed lots of borrow, TC died after it sank, note 10/16 TC

09:25 3.16K, 10:00 7.87K, 16:00 12.9K

Trading Notes -- 20190114 Monday

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Away more or less all day (LLP had doctor appt) … no borrows on stock du jour MBOT … or NBEV or, most maddening of all, SAEX. The last totally collapsed at end of day, closing down a mere 26.5%. Broad tape weak. Holds in FTK and NEO may eventually work out, no chance to add. AMRN hit all targets but I didn’t have a position (was out myself on Friday morning).

MBOT: No borrow, FIDO #4

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 18.7K, 16:00 118K

NBEV: No borrow, FIDO #13

09:25 459, 10:00 7.52K, 16:00 55.3K

BBBY: Yes borrow

09:25 77, 10:00 9.05K, 16:00 49.3K

Trading Notes -- 20190111 Friday

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Had to leave office at 10AM for endodontist appt… miraculously got borrow on SAEX but jammed EOD, out with disciplined loss, coulda added 100x but wasn’t prepared and woulda stopped out of course so just money saved… FTK plenty borrow but no joy … NEO came to target, I was on bid in absentia, no fill annoying, maybe too much size and they sniffed me by partialing that level, phuckers, will be patient.

FTK: Yes borrow … got 50x entry and minc chase (half size) … no collapse though, will add if necessary

09:25 5.53K, 10:00 21.9K, 16:00 58.6K

AMRN: Yes borrow, strong 10AM TC, FIDO #27, at endodontist so wasn’t watching, but woulda been

09:25 203, 10:00 10.2K, 16:00 45.1K

APHA: Yes borrow, didn’t watch it, not DD pre-open, FIDO #24

09:25 2.89K, 10:00 10.2K, 16:00 34.3K

SAEX: Tiny borrow pre-open, none during day, wicked short squeeze after 3:30PM

09:25 117, 10:00 2.09K, 16:00 15.2K

CRBP: Small borrow (40K pre-open), too thin (look at 10 / 16 TC)

09:25 253, 10:00 3.48K, 16:00 11.4K

TBLT: No borrow, DD PO, good spots OR but no borrow means no joy

09:25 69, 10:00 7.65K, 16:00 11.3K

Why Jewish Men Make Good Spouses For Chinese Women

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In addition to the obvious cultural similarities (importance of family and filial piety, love of learning and respect for education, being money-oriented, etc.), Jewish men are used to having had their balls busted by their Jewish mothers throughout childhood, so it only follows that they can handle having their balls busted by their Chinese wives throughout adulthood.

Trading Notes -- 20190110 Thursday

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Looked like it was going to be a down day, but no, things ended up … finally pulled the plug on IQ, huge loss after pulling stop days ago … ATOS beautiful move to typwav3 but I checked yday notes and had no borrow, that’s why I didn’t play it (woulda been perfect play, argh … well, from chase entry only, couldn’t have gotten any size).

BBBY: Yes borrow, FIDO #15 … no spot

  • 09:25 4.77K, 10:00 40.4K, 16:00 186K

AMRN: Yes borrow, latecomer, FIDO #19, not even 10AM qualifying TC, back from dead

  • 09:25 54, 10:00 5.95K, 16:00 87.7K

INPX: No borrow, good TC into 10AM not so much EOD, woulda been sweet though semi-scary two leg play but no borrow

  • 09:25 888, 10:00 13.4K, 16:00 33.1K

UXIN: Yes borrow, got a good trade despite chase entry at typwavc (half size)

  • 09:25 1.33K, 10:00 6.29K, 16:00 27.5K

NEO: Yes borrow, noticed midday, had borrow so sold some incl chase typwavc, maybe unwise

  • 09:25 3, 10:00 1.14K, 16:00 20.4K

DCIX: No borrow, buyback news yday AH, went super dead, no real spot plus too thin for my size

  • 09:25 1.06K, 10:00 6.71K, 16:00 16.8K

SAEX: No borrow, very tricky won’t die, glad I didn’t have borrow, this thing crushing people

  • 09:25 564, 10:00 4.05K, 16:00 19.5K

Movies Watched -- It Comes At Night (2017)

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91 minutes so the perfect length, but this movie was so bad that I regretted not watching it at 1.5x ffwd. Probably made by some Millennial trust fund kid (“writer-director”), it’s yet another dumb post-apocalypse movie. Pretty boy Charlie from Girls, now bearded, was in it … some other guy with a beard and a half-black wife and his all-black son, what was up with that? Did that make a bit of sense? Was the kid adopted?

Is there some kind of pathogen in the air that’s killing people, but they’re safe in the house? No news, no idea what happened to cause the chaos? Popping on and off their amazing protective masks (acquired where?) at random? I don’t even want to write about this mess any more, it was just terrible. Red rating, avoid.

Mick LaSalle correctly writes that it’s almost as bad as being there.

2019-01-10_10-32-54 itcomes.jpg

Trading Notes -- 20190109 Wednesday

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Yet another up day … Fed Day … frustrated by some lack of borrows … finally pulled plug on GME, painful but beats staying in pain after breaking rules … took final leg off TOPS

ATOS: No borrow, FIDO #29 … good spots though scary with near pickoff from PO levels

  • 09:25 1.76K, 10:00 14.8K, 16:00 34.5K

SAEX: No borrow, Latecomer not even 10:00TC, was FIDO but crowded out EOD, coulda covered 25x good one

  • 09:25 n/a, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 36.7K

GOGO: Yes borrow

  • 09:25 254, 10:00 11.7K, 16:00 24.0K

CEI: Yes borrow, later disappeared though I was able to get position on in time

  • 09:25 1.05K, 10:00 3.57K, 16:00 11.3K

How To Stick To Your Trading Plan

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If you find yourself changing your plan in the middle of a trade, you’re probably trading too large, i.e., the dollar risk that you’ve chosen to trade is not a comfortable amount to lose. You have to figure out, through trial and error, how much you’re happy to lose. This is the secret to sticking to your trading plan.

Say you start out risking $1,000 a trade (the distance between your entry and your stop) and you find yourself pulling or moving the stop, or adding to the position so you can adjust the stop to lose the originally planned amount (a.k.a., averaging a loser), then you know you’re risking too much, trading too large, and you’re not able to stick to the plan. Try risking $750 the next time and see if the same thing happens. If the problem persists, keep cutting your dollar risk until you get to the level where you stick to your planned loss.

Maybe you discover that it’s $100 where you’re finally comfortable with the risk. There’s no shame in trading small. In fact, it’s trading smart because you finally know the amount of dollar risk where you’ll stick to your plan, and you’ll see the gains begin to accumulate over time. As you gain confidence, you can increase your dollar risk little by little, until you find you’re uncomfortable again (by not sticking to the plan), then bring it back down to the last dollar amount where you never monkeyed with the stop or were tempted to add to a loser.

Trading Notes -- 20190108 Tuesday

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Chance to scratch IQ, got greedy said nah … did scratch some GME according to plan but still fighting it with bulk … impossible to fill PRAN, just insanely thin, tops was 15K in 15 min bar, finally took offer in disgust … sorting scanner by poz neg not TC, must train myself to look at it this way

AXSM: Some borrow pre-open but none all day RH, FIDO #12, sold more PO per plan, hard stop in (after IQ and GME lessons)

  • 09:25 2.58K, 10:00 25.7K, 16:00 75.9K

RHE: No borrow, maddening since it gave good spots, was FIDO during day but crowded out EOD, viz dead TC

  • 09:25 59, 10:00 6.04K, 16:00 15.7K

TOPS: Yes borrow, PO active, sold it, took two legs off per plan, B/E on rest

  • 9:25 1.08K, 10:00 3.88K, 16:00 8.12K

Movies Watched -- I, Daniel Blake (2017)

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100 minutes so the perfect length, but I had to watch it at 1.5x fast forward because it was so depressing… a Ken Loach movie, after all. I enjoyed it though, a real tearjerker … once again about the welfare state in England, an old guy caught up in the same old maddening bureaucracy, though now “digital by default.”

Green rating, recommended, but be prepared, it will put you through the ringer.

(Tony Lane wasn’t thrilled with “the emotional wallop [that] grows more zealous with almost every sequence,“ and I see his point, but there aren’t enough political movies like this one, as far as I’m concerned. I still recommend it.)

Waiting for a call from the Decision Maker

Waiting for a call from the Decision Maker

Trading Notes -- 20190107 Monday

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LLY buys LOXODXC buys LXFT … I was out this AM … added tone chart to daily notes

AXSM: Yes borrow, though all 800K disappeared by shortly after 13:00, FIDO #8

  • 09:25 8.83K, 10:00 25.7K, 16:00 156K

QEP: Yes borrow, “Elliott Management offers to buy QEP Resources for $2.07 bln

  • 09:25 2.2K, 10:00 22.9K, 16:00 107K

MYND: Tiny borrow pre-open, intermittent during day

  • 9:25 509 10:00 3.88K, 16:00 6.85K

Olympic Athlete Meals and Snacks

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Condensed from this blog post.


  • Eggs with hash browns, cup of fruit and coffee

  • Two pieces of toast with Nutella, apple with peanut butter, glass of milk, juice and a cup of tea

  • Oatmeal, yogurt, banana and nuts

  • Smoothie, egg wrap, yogurt and corn flakes

  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruit or a smoothie, plus water and milk or orange juice

  • Cereal with milk

  • Yogurt with granola, bread roll with jam, soft-boiled egg and fresh fruit, plus coffee and juice

  • Two pieces of toast with seeds and grains (like Dave's Killer Bread) with organic butter, two eggs over easy, half an avocado and coffee

  • Oatmeal with fruit

  • Breakfast sandwich with eggs and avocado and a bowl of plain yogurt with honey, chia seeds and hemp seeds

  • Ezekiel bread with almond butter and jelly and a shake with spinach, blueberries, mango, coconut milk, orange juice and chia seeds

  • Flaxseed oatmeal with chia seeds and raisins

  • Oatmeal and orange juice


  • Club sandwich and soup

  • Large salad, a heaping plate of rice, chicken and roasted veggies

  • Pasta with meat and a vegetable

  • Meat-based sandwich, yogurt, fruit

  • Salads with baby spinach, chicken, veggies like peppers, broccoli, carrots and cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette

  • Pasta dish with vegetables

  • Salad with a carb, like pasta or potatoes, with meat and bread

  • Sweet or savory oatmeal

  • Salmon and veggies

  • Sandwich with a side salad, dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

  • Leftovers from the night before, such as three-bean chili with pita chips

  • Avocado toast with an egg


  • Steak or pasta with a vegetable

  • Salmon, pasta and sautéed asparagus, sometimes with a glass of wine

  • Carbs and meat and vegetables

  • Carbs like rice, pasta or bread with a protein such as fish, red meat or chicken, plus a vegetable and, occasionally, some soup

  • Stir fry with quinoa or another grain instead of rice, with protein like chicken or shrimp and sauce

  • Chicken with rice

  • Salad with sides of pasta and meat, soup and bread, then dessert

  • Salad, heavy on vegetables with a 4- to 6-oz. portion of meat, such as steak, fish or chicken

  • Salad

  • Some type of protein, starch and vegetable

  • Tacos


  • Granola bar and protein shake

  • Cereal with milk before bed

  • Smoothie with almond milk, yogurt, banana, cocoa, cinnamon and coconut

  • Power Bar and sports drink while working out, then chocolate milk after

  • Protein shake

  • Chocolate

  • Yogurt, fruit, Special K bars

  • Peanut butter protein balls

  • Nuts or fruit in between meals, with water, sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, and coffee

  • Yogurt and cereal, chocolate, cookies, or cheese and crackers

  • Greek yogurt, homemade banana muffins

  • Almonds, dried fruit or applesauce

  • Smoothie with spinach, pineapple, protein powder, orange-mango juice, rolled oats and chia seeds

Trading Notes -- 20190104 Friday

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Super quiet Friday … note 10AM TCs.

IQ: Yes borrow, FIDO n/a, 12BB market cap but scanner alerted mid-morning? anyway, went with it

  • 09:25 97, 10:00 7.63K, 16:00 42.8K

GME: Yes borrow, FIDO n/a, PE buyout rumor, all day up, bad stubborn boy adding, but under control

  • 09:25 867, 10:00 7.42K, 16:00 41.5K

NVAX: Yes borrow, FIDO n/a — ran up big AH, PO levels made no sense to me, avoided

  • 09:25 638, 10:00 6.23K, 16:00 23.9K

DBVT: Yes borrow, FIDO n/a — active PO then died, gave good spots, see chart below

  • 09:25 548, 10:00 2.18K, 16:00 6.00K

KTOV: No borrow, FIDO n/a — Hero to Day Two Zero

  • 09:25 211, 10:00 747, 16:00 2.10K

VTVT: No borrow, FIDO n/a

  • 09:25 46, 10:00 548, 16:00 3.95K

AKAO: Yes borrow (tiny amount), FIDO n/a — Latecomer, only Top 50 EOD, never saw it intraday

  • 09:25 n/a, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 20.9K