Trading Notes -- 20190128 Monday

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Broad tone neg ... short tailwind... jammed out pre-open on remainder BIOC (bastards), woulda been shaken out same spot in reg hours but still, dirty, small loss in the end, will have to look for precise number but very small; CLRO covered some at minC looking for Typ3, maybe too greedy, reevaluated, prolly 185 more realistic than 175, it's so completely dead impossible to exit any size, StuckAtaProfit Day Two dog; BBBY finally went to B/E level to take me out, instantly dropped back 50 cents, comical, should have been out of that days ago; OSTK came in with a plan, they tested the prev day high during OR clever devils, reversed, filled B & A hoping for A+ no joy; SLM got lucky opened weak, got out of all at modest targets, dodged a bullet cuz that was definitely a revenge trade with revenge size and I got away with it, needed the money :)

AVCO (2.74K, 14.1K, 63.9K) and BIOC (1.46K, 11.1K, 21.7K) the stocks du jour, AVCO FIDO 15, no borrow in either at IB/ToS, shorted (0.065) AVCO at B coulda gotten A but it was tricky during OR, covered some at minC, it came back in afternoon stopped me out on balance at A, re-shorted it at B which had become perfect support lol, instantly jammed out at 1R loss but I didn't add A A+ which was good, once difangs shot on the afternoon short squeeze, I'm sort of at a loss (ha!) but think it best to leave alone, avoid revenge trading, it was a good solid player, tons of activity and volatility, really enjoyed it. Pretty quick to figure out new order entry system, slippage not proving to be horrible, but it shows you how good IB's TWS really is. Liked the 3PM failed breakout in AVCO so took another stab at it, broke hard to VWAP and held, very hard to piece out a position using limit orders since there are no OCOs, it's all hot key stuff, too quick for an old man. Took it all off at A level in pieces, clock was ticking but B level woulda also worked. Got back a little. OK to lose a couple hundred bucks monkeying around with new order entry platform.

BIOC there was an opp during OR but required anticipation and I was afraid of revenging it so focused on much more active AVCO instead, which was good.

Need to get the ~$4K out of ToS since it's useless for trading more or less and everyone tells me they keep their account open with $100, so I'll do that this week.

AVCO was a perfect long of course (look at the chart below) but I'm always looking short... I know how to get long, I have good, nay near-perfect, entries, etc., but I'm just opposed to it for some bizarre psychological reason.

TRVN sub $1 stock that came over a dollar and showed up on scanner, no borrow IB, oops they found 150K shares just for me, above magic level no play.

Movies Watched -- Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014)

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In Chinese. 106 minutes, but felt at least 15 minutes too long. Weird one from China. The Chinese title is 白日焰火, which means daytime fireworks, which makes sense at the end of the movie (it’s also the name of a night club within). Sort of a crime / mystery / thriller, but it was none of those things really — more a low-budget art house movie than anything. The only thing that interested me about it was that it was set in Harbin, a city I have some familiarity with, having spent my fall semester of my junior year abroad (in 1990!) at the Harbin Institute of Technology … and of course I know China well.

Structure of the movie wasn’t very good, fairly disjointed, lot of leaps of logic, femme fatale angle didn’t really work, just strange — how did the detective (who was later killed) track down the killer? Did the other detective love the girl? Why? And why screw her and not save her? Yellow rating for those who think about China, and especially Harbin, with some nostalgia, red rating for everyone else.

Luke Buckmaster correctly writes, “It's hard to imagine it traveling much wider than the festival circuit.“



Movies Watched -- Darkest Hour (2017)

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125 minute running time so at least 25 minutes too long, but I liked this one. Gary Oldman plays Churchill … it’s a sort of a companion movie to 2004’s Der Untergang. I don’t know how historically accurate it is, but the movie was very entertaining. I also like Lily James’s look (see below) … I first saw her in Baby Driver (she played the waitress).

A rare green rating from the Chairman.

Just looking at you

Just looking at you

This is another movie from 2017 that I can recommend along with:

I, Daniel Blake

Berlin Syndrome


Land of Mine


Wind River

Trading Notes -- 20190125 Friday

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Broad tone poz, shorts no tailwind. Ear infection, saw doc at 11AM, spent afternoon in bed… CLRO the stock du jour (1.13K, 14.5K, 34.2K), the only game in town, I shorted C&B and came close to getting an A entry but no cigar, holding for targets well below; took a loss in SLM, once again forgot I had open orders in there and filled a bunch pre-open which was a mistake and increased the loss about 25%, but nothing crazy, just annoying, also noticed I missized one of the original legs, bah, this is what happens you change your bet sizing during experiments; able to cover a leg of BIOC; VIPS rallied and stopped me out on last so a scratch, I hate that stock, it acts like a Usual Suspect, very difficult; re-shorted SLM in afternoon off of ORR, maybe a revenge trade, lotta size, but it felt ok, we’ll see.

Trading Notes -- 20190124 Thursday

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Broad tone poz … yesterday’s heroes become today’s zeros, look at BOXL and SPI (though BOXL did a cynical run in the afternoon, straight into yday’s closing level), monkeyed with ToS order entry, no way to put on multiple legs out with a single order, pretty lame, but customer service wasn’t terrible, I had to call them after multiple chats with semi-competent reps (unlike IB where everyone seems sharp), I don’t think I’ll leave much money with ToS with the crummy order entry and $7 a ticket :-), power outage before the open and another right before 10 AM, not cool but all my stops were in.

PCG -- 230, 4.56K, 188K, halted near 15:30 then gapped up to $15ish on limited liability news, glad I wasn't involved in that one, knew halt risk was high

SLM — 30, 15.2K, 75.6K, yes borrow, poz earnings, strong morning, shorted in both ToS account (experiment) and IB, C & B entries

VIPS — 198, 8.84K, 40.2K, yes borrow, short C covered minC, waiting for Typ3

BLNK -- 565, 16.1K, 25.4K, stock du jour looked like, no borrow, went dead though, note 10/16 TC dichotomy

VTVT -- n/a, 4.48K, 22.3K, back from the dead, no borrow, gave beautiful spots, coulda had full amazing position but no borrow means no joy

MBOT — 540, 7.1K, 18.3K, full red restricted from short sale, came alive in afternoon, super cynical drive, slimy stock

BIOC -- 25, 2.57K, 12.6K, yes borrow (surprise!), so even though very thin, shorted B & A (new sizing experiment, not a great idea, go back to original amounts — no risk, no reward), they filled me on 100x cover, but didn’t fill me a single share short there, bastards, another reason not to cover any there, ever

CLDC 1.43K, 8.55K, 12.0K, active PO then went dead, no borrow

BOXL -- 140, 1.47K, 4.66K, completely dead, H2Z, 10TC1.53K, no borrow

SPI -- 110, 1.22K, 3.27K, completely dead, H2Z, 10TC1.23K, no borrow

TLGT — 131, 653, 1.53K, yes borrow, semi-active PO and a good example of something that is thin and dead, note 10/16 TC (see chart below)

Trading Notes -- 20190123 Wednesday

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Broad tone mixed to neg... I left at 10:30 for a massage and then dealt with M for the Mars poster framing, didn't get back till around 14:30 ... took a bunch of stuff off in afternoon, will be nice to get it off the watchlists, clean things up. PO actives went dead quick, see TC below. Stocks du jour were all latecomers.

BOXL -- n/a, 10.7K, 74.3K, FIDO 16, stock du jour, no borrow, strong OR, shifted shortly thereafter, no borrow so no joy but coulda filled BA

PCG -- 224, 7.18K, 58.4K, pulled plug, though liquid, out of patience, took it off, decent gain

VIPS -- n/a, 14.7K, 54.2K, yes borrow, active on upgrade / new PT, something of a Usual Suspect, tricky in past, I'll keep a lazy eye on it

MBOT -- 42, 329, 42.7K, FIDO 15, no borrow full red, came back to life, rallied right into a 15:30 offering, the dirty devils, they would have driven me out had I had a borrow

CRON -- 279, 7.54K, 36.5K, FIDO 17, filled during OR, nice gain, will be good to take it off list since it’s a Usual Suspect

SPI -- n/a, n/a, 15.4K, no borrow, latecomer, don't know if on early scanner, will check, burst was 11:50ish (I was away)

ATHX -- 1.25K, 2.83K, 9.41K, yes borrow, poz drug news, active PO, no fill, just too weak and went super thin

SNGX -- 1.25K, 5.6K, 8.32K, yes borrow, patent news, active PO, C fill only, out minC and Typ3 in absentia, nice gain

FNMA -- 8, 2.03K, 5.84K, got a fill finally during OR and they dropped it much lower of course (the only way you can get a fill on OTC/BB nightmare), nice gain

RCON -- 120, 3.31K, 5.41K, yes borrow, filled CB, out minC, touched Typ3 but no fill, felt me out and took it back up, ridiculously thin

BBBY -- came close to Typ3 but no fill, big bounce, patience running out

AVCO -- no borrow, active at open, super weak, maybe C fill possible with borrow but no joy

AUPH -- pulled plug, no liquidity, no patience, out with decent gain

FTK -- pulled plug, super illiquid, just so dead, sick of it on monitor, decent gain

Trading Notes -- 20190122 Tuesday

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Broad tone poor, indexes down 2%, short tailwind ... figured out (thanks rep ScottA) that you can add an HTB/ETB column in a ToS watchlist, sweet! Figured out how to turn crosshairs off of tone.

PCG 642, 24.3K, 197K FIDO 25 didn't realize I had a C order resting in market, filled pre-open of course, so I increased risk when I wanted to take some off, weak open tried to reduce risk by half, missed me by three ticks then went straight up for a 1R loss (actually little less than 1R since no A+ entry), anyway, darn it, I really blew that one, again had multiple chances to take very small loss/gain or even scratch it but ended up taking the planned loss instead, on the bright side at least I didn't add and go crazy since it ran $8.38 during OR, could have been mega-loss instead of disciplined loss, so that's good, stalked it, shorted A again (lucky), added B, patience is a virtue (sing along)

CRON 384, 15.5K, 59.7K, FIDO 8 got C and B missed A by a tick (annoying rounding), covered minC rest below at Typ3

MDWD 1.83K, 3.78K, 37.9K FIDO 28!! note 10 TC, odd, no borrow, hit 6.50 PO, opened around 5, big beautiful bounce to round number 6, working off PO coulda had C entry or off OR levels B&C IF anticipated slope shift but with no borrow no joy

BBBY 2, 117, 31.7K note EOD TC given AM, slightly less dead but again at BE with remainder since time is of the essence

STAF 1.48K, 14.9K, 21.8K, note 10/16 TC dichotomy, no borrow, stuffed at the open, woulda had to be PO entries (possible), all targets hit.

FNMA 72, 3.51K, 15.1K, FIDO 26 came in with a plan, shorted A and A+ then they ran me out, kept stalking it, didn't realize it's PINK, makes it harder since those guys are ruthless, flatline it at will, just terrible, OTC/BB should be avoided like the plague, re-shorted B, looked to add C, no hope for A, forgot to update C entry price, they skipped through me, no add, shit, covered minC, waiting rest at Typ3, phuckers wouldn't fill me at the bid, god knows they felt me out, be patient grasshopper

AUPH 1.64K, 4.26K, 14.8K, note PO to 10/16 TC, weird one, poz drug data but some whacky up and down PO action (low 6 high 8), had borrow, shorted B, no break, looked to add A, will reconsider how to handle manana, prolly no add in the money

APHA 620 3.64K, 14.6K anticipated slope shift (dangerous?), nah it did shift, it was fine, sorta came near A entry but failed, C entry, covered at minC waiting on rest at Typ3, decent win, much needed given PCG screw-up, they partialed me at Typ3, too much size of course, they feel me out and penny above, the bastards, crazy after hours bullshit straight up, hard to fill exit out, really scummy to pull that after the close, got lucky to scratch remainder!

KTOV 259, 943, 2.72K slightly active PO, did have small borrow, possible play, woulda worked, just too thin, I don't regret avoiding it despite missing big winner, possible StuckAtaProfit scenario with a $1 stock and a zillion shares

FTK 0, 324, 2.00K so dead glad I'm at BE with remainder

CCCL 9, 178, 806 exited remainder at Typ3, still no liquidity but possible to cover near bottom tick at open, around 800! trades total EOD, insane! Try covering 40K short in that one on Day Two, smart guy!

Movies Watched -- The Lost City of Z (2017)

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140 minute running time so at least 40 minutes too long … I had to watch it at 4x ffwd ... no subtitles ... period piece ... about a British explorer, Percy Fawcett, his travels to the Amazon at the turn of the century, mapmaking, but ended up searching for a lost civilization ... life interrupted by WWI ... injured in combat ... got Royal Geographical Survey gold medal ... went back to Amazon multiple times, final trip taken with his son ... both disappeared, presumed killed by “savages.” I wasn't into it, and it was way too long, but probably not a bad movie for people interested in early 20th C. explorers.

Mick LaSalle wasn’t thrilled: “…if Fawcett were pursuing some noble end, then it might be worth our while to sit and watch his struggle.“

… a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

… a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

Resorts Master List

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Trading Notes -- 20190118 Friday

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Positive broad tone… no borrow on GEVO or BPTH, both possible home runs … included LMFA in charts below to show hero to zero … TSX with beautiful CRON long but I ignored and actually faded it toward end of day, which wasn’t terrible, sort of smartassy, I ended up scratching it. PCG could turn into a 1R loss (from newly sized up B entry), but maybe I’ll get lucky, think I had fomo, upset with self for missing yday so short today, bad dumb, etc. but very disciplined entries and exits lol. CCCL I got tiny surprise borrow, enough to fill worst possible C entry, no chance to add at B but I had a shit ton of shares there. So despite PCG mistake, had I had full fill on CCCL not to mention GEVO or BPTH, it could have been a very good day. FNMA on Fido, never on scanner despite 2.8BB mkt cap, will put on watch for next week.

PCG: Yes borrow, filled B&A … shorting into a bottom? FOMO after missing yday? Bad, two ticks from exit, reversed, but the psych damage is done, darn it… Friday afternoon before a long weekend! FIDO #27

832, 24.8K, 146K

CRON: Yes borrow, filled C half size fading Jeff :-) kinda dumb though, boredom trade? Scratched it. FIDO #15

328, 11.6K, 65.5K

GEVO: No borrow, woulda had to be pre-open entry cuz it collapsed on open

4.17K, 20.1K, 37.5K

BPTH: No borrow, reverse split garbage, woulda been a beauty (see below)

543, 10.3K, 31.7K

UPL: Yes borrow, filled C at open covered yiban at zero line, impatient got out rest a penny above zero line

2.70K, 8.18K, 17.6K

BIOC: No borrow, offering pre-open, super dirty how they ran it yday, but no borrow means no joy

32, 5.28K, 14.0K

CCCL: Tiny borrow at worst C price then none on attempted adds at B, phuckers, thin puppy, someone dumped 40K into the close and filled half of me but rest remains below

55, 2.24K, 5.03K

Discontinued Legos Premium

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This past Xmas I got my daughter Lego set 21110, “Research Institute.” She was still playing with Duplos when this set came out in 2014, so I didn’t buy it then, and it got retired somewhere between then and now. I ended up paying $46 for it (new) on eBay — it originally retailed for $20 in 2014. So this article on Bloomberg, The Hot New Asset Class Is Lego Sets, caught my eye.

In the past I’ve joked with the kids that we should stockpile sets that we think are going to appreciate, but who has time for that? Kids do! It could be a good experiment for them — a lesson in market values and scarcity premium and asset appreciation (or obsolescence) and storage costs and time value of money. I’ll let you know if we do it.


Trading Notes -- 20190117 Thursday

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Positive broad tone … LMFA the stock du jour, no borrow, though god knows I tried. LPCN a possibility since I had borrow but it broke pre-open and I wasn’t at desk… BIOC came back alive but no borrow … PCG up big pre-open but I was worried about “news” and didn’t want to gamble on it … SIG miss meant I could exit BBBY short in part at zero line, still waiting with rest at Typ3 below… I should have been watching UNFI but wasn’t, not on the ball for some reason, no pre-game plan for UNFI like I had for VHC … former SDJ KTOV goes dead (see below) … even MBOT did under 9K trades EOD, still restricted … covered some FTK at zero line, should have done that before, just waiting at Typ3 with rest … no new trades, no borrows means total discipline.

First day monkeying with ThinkOrSwim order entry … seems I didn’t have “Advanced Features” enabled so I couldn’t see what was “Hard To Borrow” and my orders kept getting rejected. Online rep “Warren_G” (Regulate!) told me I could get in their HTB program with a 100K deposit (portfolio margin), slightly more than the $4,100.45 I currently have with them.

LMFA: No borrow, FIDO #15

4.94K, 40.3K, 79.3K

LPCN: Yes borrow, FIDO #17

6.92K, 17.9K, 56.4K

PCG: Yes borrow, FIDO #9

4.94K, 50.3K, 352K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #25, note 10/16 TC change

128, 1.51K, 37.3K

UNFI: Yes borrow

37, 4.57K, 27.2K

CRMD: No borrow

975, 6.06K, 15.2K

MBOT: No borrow, restricted

1.09K, 4.14K, 8.91K

AMTX: No borrow

385, 983, 1.4K

Movies Watched -- John Wick Chapter 2 (2017)

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122 minutes so at least 20 to 30 minutes too long. I didn’t see Chapter 1 and I’m glad I didn’t. This is one of those choreographed ultra-violence movies in the style of John Woo. I tried to keep track of how many people were shot in the head at close range, but lost count. The violence is so ridiculous, so video-game-like, so over-the-top, that it plays like a comedy. Technically brilliant but morally repugnant. If they cut 30 minutes out, and all of the swearing, it wouldn’t be a terrible comedy/thriller. NYC plays a starring role and I dread to think how many tax credits were given out to the filmmakers.

Keanu Reeves is an interesting guy… I think he does a lot of his own stunts and he looks good for an old guy (he’s six years older than me). I read that he gives a cut of his mega-salary to all film crew members, which I thought was pretty wonderful. And he’s a mix, half-Chinese or something, so he’s a looker.

There was too much swearing in the beginning, and a sort of Fast and Furious vibe, but then it switched into James Bond territory (the tailored suits, the weapons porn) … it would appeal to a certain sort of teenage boy and to man-children in general, but no one else.

Not Tom Cruise and his bloody pencil

Not Tom Cruise and his bloody pencil

Trading Notes -- 20190116 Wednesday

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Lackluster broad tone…. lots of action PO in small cap land, but almost universally had no borrow… OESX active PO, I had a borrow so I traded it, in B & C, thought about minc but took off at zero line because it was scarily illiquid and I had missized it slightly, got lucky, could have been murdered if they chose to … VHC was the one I came into the day with a plan, but they opened it so weak all my best laid plans were kiboshed, however it bounced and I was able to use OR difangs to get C B A entries and they even touched 100x the clever devils … exited at zero line and minc 50:50 which was sort of a mistake but I’m new to non-greedy exits … I think I have wiped out all GME/IQ catastrophic losses now (that didn’t take long), still super painful to break rules and get ass handed to self … BIOC came alive late, no borrow … KTOV was beautiful but no borrow then they midday offering’d it, the rotten bastards … still being patient with FTK and BBBY, shoulda non-greedied some FTK yday but oh well, will know better next time.

TBLT: No borrow, FIDO #8

09:25 4.45K, 10:00 31.6K, 16:00 80.4K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #19, latecomer 10 N/A

09:25 27, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 45.4K

NBEV: Yes borrow, FIDO #17, something of a Usual Suspect these days

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 13.2K, 16:00 43.4K

MBOT: No borrow — full red RESTRICTED, FIDO #18

09:25 3.00K, 10:00 18.5K, 16:00 32.3K

KTOV: No borrow, intraday offering

09:25 1.20K, 10:00 7.26K, 16:00 29.5K

INPX: No borrow, went illiquid note 10TC

09:25 1.30K, 10:00 4.62K, 16:00 8.18K

ABIL: Yes borrow, way too thin at OR note 10TC

09:25 902, 10:00 1.84K, 16:00 5.84K

CCCL: No borrow

09:25 585, 10:00 2.30K, 16:00 4.21K

OESX: Yes borrow, got lucky trading this ultra thin puppy

09:25 568, 10:00 1.59K, 16:00 2.69K

Movies Watched -- The Breadwinner (2017)

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93 minutes so a good length, animated, still watched it at 1.5x ffwd. Anti-Taliban propaganda. I’m not fan of the Taliban (a rhyme!), but do we really need to get hit over the head with this? How many years has the US thrown away blood and treasure on this mess? Anyway, it’s not badly made, I just wasn’t thrilled with it. Yellow rating for Guardian readers, red for everyone else.

Life’s a beach and then….

Life’s a beach and then….

Trading Notes -- 20190115 Tuesday

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Broad tape strong … lots of action in small cap land … they took MBOT to new highs after the offering news (hit 7.50 PO), nearly hit $20 during RH then closed it below $10 :-), some beautiful spots for the Chairman but no borrow means no joy … KTOV I did have pre-open borrow but didn’t take them since I thought they’d be around when I needed ‘em, wrong! … flip side of that was looking for ABIL borrow pre-open, nothing, then after it tanks, they have 250K avail. SMH. NEO, those phuckers, filled me tiny pre-open, again sniffing out, filled quite a bit more 2 cents above me during OR but then took it up, I lowered stop, they felt me out and filled me .999 (no joke) then took it down (well played) … FTK being patient but it may come back on me. Did short NBEV pre-open which was ok, but then LLP had dentist, had to run, no way to manage re-entries, etc., but it was a good, disciplined trade, nice gain. Shorted some BBBY, didn’t get best fill at open which woulda been sweet, nice cuz unlimited borrow, didn’t get target, may fail, I’ll be patient .. stalking VHC tomorrow since I have lots of borrow (for now!)

KTOV: Some borrow pre-open, none when I needed them, FIDO #9

09:25 3.27K, 10:00 22.8K, 16:00 118K

MBOT: No borrow, FIDO #2

09:25 2.23K, 10:00 33.0K, 16:00 107K

NBEV: Yes borrow, FIDO #11

09:25 2.78K, 10:00 17.9K, 16:00 67.5K

VHC: Yes borrow, relentless trend up, note 10/16 dichotomy in TC

09:25 360, 10:00 3.24K, 16:00 62.8K

BBBY: Yes borrow, shorted B and C, coulda shorted A but missed, note 16 TC

09:25 37, 10:00 4.52K, 16:00 47.5K

ABIL: No borrow pre-open, after it collapsed lots of borrow, TC died after it sank, note 10/16 TC

09:25 3.16K, 10:00 7.87K, 16:00 12.9K

Trading Notes -- 20190114 Monday

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Away more or less all day (LLP had doctor appt) … no borrows on stock du jour MBOT … or NBEV or, most maddening of all, SAEX. The last totally collapsed at end of day, closing down a mere 26.5%. Broad tape weak. Holds in FTK and NEO may eventually work out, no chance to add. AMRN hit all targets but I didn’t have a position (was out myself on Friday morning).

MBOT: No borrow, FIDO #4

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 18.7K, 16:00 118K

NBEV: No borrow, FIDO #13

09:25 459, 10:00 7.52K, 16:00 55.3K

BBBY: Yes borrow

09:25 77, 10:00 9.05K, 16:00 49.3K