Movies Watched -- God's Own Country (2017)

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104 minute running time including credits, so well within the sacred 100 minute mark. A homosexual love story. Unhappy gay farm boy in Yorkshire living with his crippled Dad and Grandmother (Nan) ... then a gorgeous Romanian temporary worker comes to the farm, and he just happens to be gay too! Rolling in the mud ensues. (No longer the only gay in the village.)

I found the lout's transformation a little too pat, but yes, it's amazing what a romantic dinner with wood fire and tablecloth can do to change a man (even though Gheorgheous forgot to serve the lager in a glass instead of the can).

I squirmed through all the homosexual sex scenes, watching through splayed fingers, but the movie is well made, it's not terrible. Of course if you think homosexuality is an abomination or perversion or aberrant genetic disorder or whatever, you're not going to be thrilled. But I'm a little more open-minded and can sit through these things, especially when they're well-crafted, and not overly long. Yellow rating.

How do you say 'cock-a-doodle-doo' in Gypsy?

How do you say 'cock-a-doodle-doo' in Gypsy?

Movies Watched -- Clash (Eshtebak) (2017)

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In Egyptian. 97 minute running time so under the sacred 100 minute mark. Apparently there are two factions in Egypt: the army and the Muslim Brotherhood ("MB") ... everybody looks poor and bedraggled. A motley group of people (some pro-MB, some pro-Army) are trapped in a paddy wagon during the summer of 2013. It's an interesting conceit, but 40 minutes in, I ask myself, am I that interested in Egyptian politics?

Civil unrest on a massive scale... captures the chaos and inhumanity of it all. Probably a lot of the comedy is lost in translation, but the tragedy isn't. Yellow rating.

It's complicated

It's complicated

Movies Watched -- Gerald's Game (2017)

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103 minutes including credits so well within the sacred 100 minute mark. Movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel published in 1992. It was not badly made, I didn't fast forward at all. No-name actors were good, pacing was good, not overly long as I noted before. But it was disturbing, it's a horror movie for sure. Sexually abusive, screwed-up father/daughter relationship touched on (no pun intended), as well as the asshole/domineering husband in later life thing ... a feminist story of sorts.

You won't enjoy watching this movie, but as I said, it's not badly done. Yellow rating.

Wake up!

Wake up!

Life Without Her

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Terrible quality but there's something special about Gilberto Santa Rosa performing at Centro de Bellas Artes when he was in his early thirties ... choreography with his backing singers always wonderful. Es llorar, amigos, es llorar, indeed. 

Notes for Chat with Traders, Episode 164

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Episode 164 ... Nick Fabrio (84:10)

  • Wanted to be a doctor
  • Started working at a casino, 4 AM to midday
  • Working in a casino is depressing, everyone's losing
  • Sold cars after that, was pretty good at that, lasted a year
  • Started frozen yoghurt shop, hard work, paid off debts, sold out, 23 yo then
  • Retail is horrible, too much competition, frozen yoghurt is "optional" [discretionary spending]
  • Doesn't regret yoghurt experience, learned a lot 
  • Got job at something called Wholesale Investor. Boutique broker. Not high pressure sales
  • Willing to take a risk, it's in his nature
  • "Bryce" turned him onto trading, back in 2010, 2011 [Bryce Edwards]
  • Learned a lot of from Bryce and others in chat room he was in 
  • Replaying stuff on Spark? [no idea what that is ... it's this]
  • Did year abroad studying in US
  • Started with $10,000. Lost $300 in first month, second month made $800
  • Added $10,000 more in second month once confident
  • Built account up to $65,000 within five to six months (January 2016)
  • Only traded stocks between 30 cents and $3
  • One tick is a full cent over $2, half a cent under $2, and then lower from there
  • Would risk $50 a tick on his highly confident trades, $25 a tick on less confident ones
  • Scalping when he began
  • Watches market all day long even though he is in trades briefly
  • Only focused on one setup at first
  • Always been fearless about losing money, unlike most people
  • Been trading full time now just under three years
  • 2016 on exchange to US, didn't trade as much
  • Scalper trading off catalysts, news
  • More comfortable short than long
  • Average holding time is ten to twenty minutes
  • Wishes he could hold for at least an hour
  • He's holding when he should scalp, and scalping when he should hold, working on this
  • Comes in each day with a watchlist, filters through looking for candidates
  • 40 stocks on his watchlist at the open, many charts open on Spark 
  • ASX opens by alphabetical group, two minutes apart [odd]
  • Earnings news, contract wins ... these are good catalysts
  • From 7 AM to 4:10 PM he's in front of the market
  • Received a cease and desist letter from GetSwift(?) after posting four page report on Twitter
  • 20 cent IPO went to $4.50 and now it's back at 35 cents
  • "Rubbed him up the wrong way"
  • Took his information to the AFR [whatever that is ... it's this]
  • In a thick book, he'll risk $500-$1000 a tick
  • Peruses the AFR [whatever that is ... see above]
  • Learned about Daily Report Card from Austin Mitchum
  • Internalize what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong
  • Trying to grade his setups in the moment now
  • Sizes by tick value and liquidity, how much protection he has in the book
  • Fair bit of spoofing in Australian market, algo activity, bid propping common
  • Recent Cobalt Blue Holdings trade was an A+ short for him
  • Illiquid stock, so good opportunity for a move, took a large sized trade
  • Got out within 20 to 30 minutes, but should have held longer
  • He is critical of himself, always room for improvement, a bit of a perfectionist
  • Does all his trades manually
  • Only uses mental stops, something else he has to work on
  • Does everything off the cuff, all feel based
  • If something goes against him, he gets out
  • If a trade does not work right away for him, he'll get out
  • Scratches lots of trades
  • Gets in and out in one go
  • He's an adrenalin junkie, if position not large enough, he loses interest
  • 70-80% of his profits happen in the first 30 minutes to an hour
  • Trades Australian market from Texas
  • Mean reversion "wallet padder" trades, "income" trades
  • Recently crossed $1MM in trading profits mark... after two and a half years
  • Has financial freedom but doesn't really care about the money, doesn't spend it
  • Bryce's mentorship was key, learning curve greatly reduced
  • "Nick is a freak" ... trading a game that suits his personality
  • Strengths: cutting losers quickly, "learn to lose," unaffected by losses, doesn't fight losers
  • Weaknesses: shorts too much, looks for reasons to short with obvious buys, doesn't relax enough
  • Plays reversals to VWAP
  • Not really a charting guy, more of an order book guy
  • Internet failures really "grind his gears"
  • Has no dollar loss limit for the day, he just grinds back
  • Lazy about doing daily report card now
  • Advice for amateurs: having a mentor is key, focus on doing one thing and doing it well, size up
  • People who aren't passionate aren't going to make it, you have to live and breathe it
  • Trading isn't a path to freedom, it's a path to prison (in front of the screens) [I'm chuckling]
  • Trading isn't stimulating or interesting to many people, yet they still try to trade and wonder why they fail
  • Trading isn't a job, it's just enjoyable
  • Don't over-plan starting, just dive in, immerse yourself
  • Let the smart people do the algos [or people who think they're smart; Nick is clearly smart :-)]
  • Paper trading is the worst thing you can do
  • Risk $1 a tick at first, don't even cover commissions, but *never* paper trade
  • Read Bella's books, they're awesome
  • Trading is like poker ... 95% psychology, 5% skill
  • Trying harder to hold longer ... at least an hour
  • Twitter: @longhorncapital

Master List of Day Trading Chat Rooms and Other Services

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Listed alphabetically ... new ones added as I discover them so check back.

(This is a work in progress. I will undoubtedly rearrange / categorize them at some point.)

If you know of one(s) that I haven't listed here, please let me know about it, and I'll add them.

Wang Jingwen -- 分不情是非

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看得见完美 and she was 王靖雯 ... I can't remember what year I got this album ... 1998 while living in Hong Kong, if memory serves? My daughter's name is 子雯 so the singer had quite an effect on me when I was a kid: 

More Impressions After Sending My Son To Nerd Camp

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I wrote about this last year, but it bears repeating ... my son's fourteen classmates at nerd camp (electrical engineering this year) are all boys and here are their last names: 

  1. Chan
  2. Duan
  3. Huang
  4. Liang
  5. Liang
  6. Wang
  7. Xu
  8. Yang
  9. Zhao;
  10. Baskowsky
  11. Decker
  12. Kovacs
  13. "Wilson" (first name Ze'ev);
  14. Gupta

So 60% of the class is Chinese, 27% Jewish, 7% Indian, 7% WASP/Chinese mix. This doesn't mirror American society as a whole very well. It's clear to me that the Chinese will become an even more market-dominant minority, and the Jews will begin to get crowded out, though they're obviously doing their best to stay competitive. 

I expect there will be a backlash at some point ... I suppose it's already occurring given T___p's election win, though how public policy might change is a good question. Will there be quotas put in place, a sort of reverse Affirmative Action campaign, to keep certain ethnic/religious groups out of the top schools? It's something to keep an eye out for....

You'd Love Me As Long As You Wanted

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The great Linda Ronstadt singing Willie's wonderful song in 1976 ... goosebumps. Many think of Patsy Cline's cover as the best, but dare I say it, Linda's is even better. 

First Presbyterian Church of King Ferry

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We visited the First Presbyterian Church of King Ferry on this beautiful summer morning. The congregation was vanishingly small ... I counted around a half dozen people in the pews (including us!) with another seven in the choir. A gentleman there told me it was "standing room only" at Easter when he was a boy, seventy years ago. Tellingly there is no "Time with the Children" since there are no children present, but they hopefully keep the line in the program.

They have a nice looking organ (and piano), but the music was provided by a single electric keyboard, often accompanied by the minister on electric guitar. I was told later that the organ had been tuned on the same winter day that the church ran out of heating oil, thus throwing it immediately out of tune again (each tuning costs $500). I was disappointed by the lack of organ music, or even traditional piano music.

It's a lovely old building, though showing signs of wear and tear. I was told the bell tower and steeple were added at a later date (maybe the 1860s?). There are some beautiful old trees on the property and a sizable cemetery behind, which I plan to explore at a later date.

The service started more or less on time (11 AM, they don't move to an earlier summertime hour in King Ferry) and ended around 12:15 PM. The sermon was quite short, surprisingly brief. There were a pair of white candles and a simple vase with fresh-cut flowers on the Lord's table, which pleased me.

The minister had a bushy white mustache and a nice singing voice. He used the expression "people who don't give a fig," which I hadn't heard before, and he quoted Bob Dylan (a Baby Boomer for sure). He made the good point that we shouldn't sing the black hymns as they are written, in "minstrel style." 

I plan to visit *all* the churches in the Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery in the coming year. Here are my photos and a scan of today's program below:

1798, eh?

Handicapped ramp artfully hidden ... could use some paint and repairs

More paint, more repairs


Gospel music? Wonder when it was written

Groot Papa

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This Dutch kid has my sense of humor ... sending up the whole talent-less white rap thing (think Pitbull):

Notes for Chat with Traders, Episode 95

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Episode 95 ... "Adrian" (70:28)

  • British? Accent hard to understand
  • "My missus works away from home"
  • Professional sailer for 18 years, lots of races
  • Fishermen as "opportunistic pirates"
  • Early 40s, what do old sailers do?
  • Bought systems off internet, paid for poor quality trading courses
  • Found the common link among profitable traders was their approach to the business
  • Wasn't making progress trading while doing a side job, realized he needed to focus full-time
  • Wife supported him when he went full time to learn how to trade
  • Took 18 months after that to get profitable
  • Couldn't make a living since he was undercapitalized
  • Wife believed in him and he believed in himself
  • Have to go down the dead-ends to realize they're dead-ends, not avoidable
  • Tracked his trades very closely
  • Found he had random trades that gave him random stats
  • Found he had large number of errors that if eliminated would hugely improve results
  • Found if he followed his rules and eliminated errors, he would be slightly profitable
  • Now uses Volume Profile to take trades
  • Trades German bund primarily, secondary market in DAX, used to trade Eurostoxx but stopped
  • Intraday trader: big picture: hourly, intermediate picture: 15 mins, executes off of 3 min chart
  • Didn't have enough capital to trade off the daily charts
  • Discovered that no pros traded forex, all retail pikers there; pros all traded ES or Bunds, etc.
  • Keeps a lot of stats on the markets he trades
  • Discretionary trader, couldn't code his system up
  • Has a checklist before he takes a trade
  • Always risks approximately the same amount of money in each trade
  • Uses Volume Profile to place his stops
  • Knows stats on things like "gap fill" or tests of Point of Control (POC) ... what percentage of the time is the gap filled or POC tested?
  • How far "offside" does price go before the gap is filled? He tracks these stats
  • Uses Linnsoft's platform InvestorRT and their language to keep the stats
  • Starts looking at weekly charts, marks levels, does same with daily, determines bias
  • Then looks at hourlies, judges trend, marks levels, places where price will test
  • Does same with 15 minute charts
  • Is it trending or in balance? (volume profile language)
  • Always looking at levels where he expects it to test
  • Key thing is being honest with yourself when you do your trade reviews
  • People don't like to admit that they "made a tit of it"
  • Marks his charts end of day where he entered and exited, things he missed
  • On weekend he reviews all the daily charts from the past week
  • Grades all his trades and grades all of his days ... then reviews them
  • "Why did I do shit?" ... fear of loss and fear of missing out are the two big things
  • Score: Is it in my trade plan? Playing to win or not to lose? Was he patient, how he was feeling, all recorded
  • Also tracks his intuition, what did his gut say? Scores this too
  • Spends 20 hours outside of market hours reviewing his trades every week
  • The mental side goes hand in hand with your trading edge
  • Trading like any sport: you have to practice for hours, can't just jump into the ring and box
  • Preparation as important or more important than focusing during market hours
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @adeyf69

Beneath the Clear Night Sky

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I hate it when the crowd sings along, but there was some real punk energy at this show ... for some reason it's not letting me embed it to the song I like, which is at 19:53. 

Rusty Roots

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Heard this song for the first time yesterday (thanks to Spotify's wonderful Weekly Discover) and liked it ... apparently it was included in one of those awful CGI movies they make for kids these days. Guy sounds like David Byrne to me, but maybe it's the whole "world music" vibe. Video is nearly twenty years old which shows you that I'm right on top of things ... and look at how white that audience is!

Promessa Da Vida

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The great Elis Regina... I like Susannah McCorkle's cover of this, though it's painful to listen to given her suicide (age 55) ... Elis killed herself in a less dramatic fashion (cocaine and booze at age 36) ... such a clear, beautiful voice (note cigarette in hand).

Movies Watched -- Blade Runner 2049

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2 hour 43 minute running time. Let me repeat that: 2 hours and 43 minutes. Yeah, it's long, really long.

I wanted to see this one in the theater when it first came out but didn't get around to it at the time. The first Blade Runner was such an important movie for me (and most other boys of my generation, I'd guess). I saw it in the upstairs theater of Oneonta 1&2 on Chestnut Street back in 1982. My buddy Jimmy D's mom took us to see it (I wonder what she thought of it ... no chance to ask since she died of breast cancer a few years ago). I was afraid they'd ruin the franchise, but they didn't.

Anyway, despite its length, I guess this is a worthy sequel. The sets are amazing ... the cinematography, the effects, the costumes, all great. The new spinners with their retro head and taillights. The Vangelis-ish soundtrack. A lot of nice touches. Paying respect to the original in multiple ways (the Atari product placement, the smashing through the wall, etc.), well done, tastefully done. I wonder what the budget was. No expense spared because some guy my age is in charge of approving the budget, and it meant as much to him as it did to me.

I didn't buy that the Wallace Corp. couldn't track down Harrison Ford on their own. But... these are quibbles.  Gosling goes off baseline ... but he's not going to kill any non-replicants in the first place. If you've been holding back on seeing this, I recommend you give in and see it. And not just for the hologram love scene.

I like Bilge Ebiri's take on it: "It’s everything, and more, and too much, and somehow not enough ... Careful, dutiful, and beautiful, Blade Runner 2049 cannot achieve the sublime slipperiness of Scott’s masterpiece. Whether it even needs to is up to you."

Ethnicity: Cuban

Ethnicity: Cuban

Evil Genius

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Watched this four episode Netflix documentary about a bank robbery in Erie, PA ... it was disturbing ... this group of lowlife misfits, led by a mentally ill woman, planned a bank robbery which was done by a simpleton pizza delivery guy ... they put a locking collar holding a bomb around the guy's neck ... he told the police a group of black guys had done it do him (because that's what the masterminds told him to say -- he must have been semi-retarded, they didn't explain this fact well).

They show the footage of the bomb going off, which was really nasty ... I wasn't prepared for that. He bled to death, but I can see why they didn't approach him right away after the bomb went off.

Law enforcement does not come across well in this series ... local law enforcement doesn't communicate well with the Feds (FBI, ATF) ... no one seems super competent. It took years and years to solve this thing, when it should have taken a couple of days. Erie's a small city. Sad, tragic stuff, but see it if you're interested in "true crime" shows.